The World Car Lifetime Warranty in San Antonio at World Car Hyundai South means just what it says: a warranty that lasts a lifetime! It's free-of-charge peace of mind for as long as you own your new Hyundai.

No Charge, No Limits

The World Car Lifetime Warranty is a free addition to every new Hyundai purchase (and the purchase of certain used cars). When the Hyundai factory 10-year, 100,000-mile limited powertrain warranty expires, the World Car Lifetime Warranty picks up right where it left off.

As long as you follow the recommended maintenance schedule for your Hyundai (and have the records to verify), then World Car Hyundai South serving Floresville will guarantee your powertrain for as long as you own the car or SUV! There is absolutely no charge for covered powertrain repairs, and the warranty is good no matter how many miles you put on the odometer of your Hyundai near Elmendorf!

Peace of Mind

Life can be hectic all on its own. The World Car Lifetime Warranty near Pearsall lets you focus more on your day-to-day schedule, and eliminates any worry about your Hyundai!

Your new Hyundai near Pleasanton from World Car Hyundai South will be under warranty from the first time you drive it home off our lot until the day you drive it back to purchase your next car!

Contact us today to learn about all the advantages of the World Car Lifetime Warranty near Devine. We'll be happy to show you that lifetime coverage is as easy as buying your next new Hyundai at World Car Hyundai South!

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